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Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine

In June 2001, the China Cochrane Center, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Foundation (CMB) in New York, founded the world's first Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine--- Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine is a medical academic journal supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, endorsed by Sichuan University, hosted by the Chinese Cochrane Center and the West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Its purpose is to report the latest research results of evidence-based medicine, to reflect the development trend of evidence-based medicine disciplines, to lead the development of evidence-based medicine, to promote evidence-based decision-making, practice and education.

The journal became an official journal (quarterly) in 2002, and was soon collected by various important domestic retrieval systems. The journal was included in China Science and Technology Core Journals in April 2003. It was changed to a monthly journal in 2004 and established an online version; in the same year in May, included by Russia ’s е  еративныйжурнал" (AJ) journal. In November, it was included in the Cochrane Methodology Register with BMJ, JAMA, International Journal of Epidemiology and Statistics in Medicine. In January 2005, it was included in the Dutch Medical Abstract (EMBASE). In January 2008 it took the lead in using online submission and review system in China.