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West China Medical Journal

West China Medical Journal, an integrated medical academic journal, is in charge of by Ministry of Education of PRC and is published by Sichuan University. Its tenet of publication is report the scientific payoffs of the medical specialty and related fields, the diagnosis and treatment  experiences of clinic, the hospital managerial experience and the research and experience on medical education and its continuing education to promote the development of the domestic and overseas academic exchange and pharmaceutical and health fields. This journal mainly publishes the clinical research findings of medicine and related fields and, the achievements and progress of basic researches and experimental studies which are connected to clinic. It aims at the crowds who engage in medicine and of course, including teachers and in medical colleges as the main readers. The columns of West China Medical Journal include commentary, original articles, short works, clinical care, hospital management and teaching, summary and brief report. Sometimes, it also has irregular features.

West China Medical Journal has been published 31 reels by now, and it is the Journals of Statistic Source of China’s scientific research paper(the key magazine of China technology).It is also included by CSJD(China Scientific Journal Database), CSCD(Chinese Science Citation Database), CCJD(China core Journal Database), CMCC,CJFD(China Journal Fulltext Database), CAJCED( China academic journal comprehensive evaluation database), Max Uhlig International Journals. West China Medical Journal comprehensively adopts the China Academic Journal Retrieval and evaluation Data Specification issued by Press and Publication Administration, making all of the published articles easy to be included and retrieved, fully satisfying the need of modern Internet information transmission. It is outstanding journal on performing the norm of CAJCD.Its ad license number is 5101034000109.