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The First Central Venous Training Course of West China Hospital, Sichuan University
(First Round Notice)

The First Central Venous Training Course of West China Hospital, Sichuan University

(First Round Notice)

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Dear colleagues and professors,


Vascular access is crucial for hemodialysis (HD) patients with end-stage renal disease. As the number and duration of HD patients increase, along with the aging population, CVOD becomes more prevalent and severe. CVOD has a serious impact on the life quality and longevity of HD patients. It is becoming a major challenge for healthcare professionals.


Under the leadership of Professor Cui, our team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for HD patients by preventing and treating CVOD. Our goal is "no central venous occlusion that cannot be recanalized, no dialysis catheter that cannot be inserted". Our team has successfully developed various procedures to recanalize challenging central venous lesions, including percutaneous brachiocephalic vein puncture, percutaneous superior vena cava puncture, recanalization brachiocephalic occlusion via transseptal needle, ROUPS-100 recanalization superior vena cava occlusion. To enhance communication and sharing of expertise, Professor Cui Tianlei will personally lead the training program.


We sincerely invite you to join us in Chengdu, the Land of Abundance, for a dynamic exchange of knowledge and research results, and to help advance the field of vascular access. During the breaks, you can also take the opportunity to experience the cultural richness and taste the delicious food of the world-renowned city.


Important Information:

1. Training dates: Expected to start in April 2023, with four half-day sessions. The exact dates will be announced later.

2. Training mode: Choose between online or offline training. Offline training includes on-site communication and surgery observation, while online training includes surgical recordings and video materials.

3. Fees (USD): $2,000 for offline and $1,000 for online. Transportation and accommodation expenses are not included. Bank account details will be provided upon registration.

4. Contact and registration: For inquiries and registration, please contact Professor Tang at phone numbers 19141949204 or 18487208029, or email

5. Registration deadline: April 10, 2023. Only three trainees will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.


This Course will be jointly brought to you by:

1. Professor Cui Tianlei Medical Group, Department of Nephrology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University

2. Institute of Hospital Management, West China Hospital, Sichuan University

3. Sichuan West China Hospital Asset Management Co., Ltd 


February 9, 2023


Brief introduction of Professor Cui TianLei

Professor Cui is good at the establishment and maintenance of hemodialysis access, especially for refractory central venous occlusive lesions. He developed innovative techniques such as brachiocephalic vein puncture, superior vena cava puncture, and recanalization brachiocephalic vein via transseptal needle. He successfully recanalized a 6.9-cm superior vena cava occlusion.