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WCH signs cooperation agreements with Japanese hospitals

In a bid to enhance collaboration with leading medical institutions in Asia, a delegation led by Professor Luo Fengming, President of WCH, and Professor Liu Lunxu, Executive Vice President, visited Japan from April 11 to 13. During the visit, our hospital signed cooperation agreements with The University of Tokyo Hospital and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan, marking a solid step towards the establishment of "International Sister Departments" and mutual recognition as "Overseas Medical Partners".


On April 11, WCH's Department of Thoracic Surgery and the University of Tokyo Hospital's Department of Thoracic Surgery, along with our Liver Surgery Department and the University of Tokyo Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, signed sister department memos and held a surgical academic seminar. Leaders from both surgical departments shared the latest research findings and clinical experiences in their respective fields.


The University of Tokyo Hospital, one of the top medical institutions in Japan and globally with a history of over 160 years, is an important partner of our hospital. With a history of in-depth academic and talent cultivation collaboration in surgery, the establishment of the "West China - University of Tokyo Hospital Sister Departments Group" is expected to further strengthen academic exchange and cooperation.

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On April 12, our delegation visited the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan, and signed a cooperation agreement, officially becoming "Overseas Medical Partners."


The cooperation between our hospital and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) aims to establish a long-term stable partnership. Through joint efforts, the goal is to promote innovation in medical research, enhance the training of medical professionals, and deepen international medical cooperation.


Under this framework, our Liver Surgery Department also engaged in in-depth discussions with the NCGM on the construction of "International Sister Departments".  

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On April 13, the delegation participated in an overseas talent promotion event in Tokyo, where they interacted with local students and received numerous resumes.


This visit further deepened our hospital's cooperation and exchange with top medical institutions in Japan. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on building a first-class international cooperation platform, promoting high-quality development through personnel exchanges, joint student training, and collaboration on new medical technologies, propelling West China Medicine towards the world-class standard.