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2023 International Nurses’ Day Commemorative Activity West China - Pittsburgh Nursing Development Online Forum was successfully held

On May 12, 2023, 2023 International Nurses’ Day Commemorative Activity "West China-Pittsburgh Nursing Development Online Forum" was held in 5G Remote Conference Center. Prof. Yvette Conley, Associate Dean of Research of School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Jeff Bernstein, UPMC International Senior Vice President and President in China, Prof. Wei Xiawei, Director of International Office of West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Prof. Zhang Fengying, Vice Dean of West China School of Nursing, Prof. Hu Xiaolin of West China School of Nursing and a number of nursing and interdisciplinary experts from both schools attended the Forum.

First, Prof. Zhang Fengying delivered a welcome speech, sending blessings to nursing faculty members and students of both schools, alumnus and nursing colleagues all over the world. Prof. Zhang reviewed the cooperation and profound friendship between two Schools, and hoped we could take precision health and nursing as the starting point to carry out cooperation in mutual visits of faculty members and students, scientific research cooperation, post-doctoral training and walking into scientific research center of each other, so as to jointly promote the great development of nursing discipline.

Professor Yvette Conley introduced the School of Nursing, including key research fields and achievement. Professor Yvette Conley looked forward to further cooperation between the two schools in talent training, academic research and other aspects .

Mr. Jeff Bernstein delivered a welcome speech on the forum. He expressed his congratulations to both schools for jointly hosting the Nursing Development Forum for three consecutive years since 2020, pointed out that nursing plays a crucial role in the high-quality development of medicine, and expected both schools making greater contributions to let the voice of nurses be heard. Mr. Jeff also expressed that UPMC would actively promote cooperation and exchange in multiple fields between two schools!

Associate Professor Elizabeth Crago presented her topic titled "Hormones as biomarkers of outcomes after Hemorrhagic stroke," discussed the function of hormones as biomarkers in the prognosis of hemorrhagic stroke. She pointed out that further research should be conducted to explore the impact of factors such as environment and lifestyle on the outcomes of hemorrhagic stroke to provide targeted interventions to improve outcomes of patients.

Assistant research fellow Li QIjie made a presentation titled "Potential intervention targets for pathological scar formation in skin wound healing". He shared research on the regulatory mechanism of skin wound healing and pathological scar formation based on "nursing+immunology".

Post-doctor Liu Changqing presented his topic titled "Intelligent monitoring and management of periodic core body temperature of surgical patients". He revealed the positive role of a clinical temperature management system based on the Internet of Things in perioperative core temperature management of surgical patients.

Professor Margaret Rosenzweig made a presentation titled "The Role of social determinants of health in receiving the optimal dose intensity of cancer therapy". She talked about the role of social determinants of health, such as the economy, education, healthcare systems, natural and social environments, in receiving the optimal dose intensity for cancer treatment, emphasizing the value of nurses in providing evidence-based care and advocating for fair and just medical services.

Associate research fellow Chen Yuwen presented his topic titled "Precision Nursing Lab". He shared the development goals and key tasks of the precision, research level and contributions of Precision Nursing Lab, and the development of nursing discipline and talent cultivation in our school.

Finally, Director Wei Xiawei from International Office of West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital, Sichuan University made the summary, she hoped that we could regard the forum as a new starting point to strengthen in-depth international exchange and cooperation, and work together to achieve substantive progress in cooperation between the two schools!

The forum was broadcast live on Chinese and English channels, with over 2200 people joined in this forum online. Among them, more than 1900 people watched the Chinese channel and more than 260 people watched the English channel, including teachers, students, researchers, and medical staff from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as higher education institutions in multiple provinces and cities in China. West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University will continuously invite experts from all over the world to carry out in-depth thinking and communication, and contribute to human health and development of nursing science!

This article is from the official website of West China School of Nursing.