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WCH holds the Twelfth Advanced International Course: Clinical Epileptology

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To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the founding of WCH, the Twelfth Advanced International Course: Clinical Epileptology, jointly organized by China Association Against Epilepsy, Sichuan Association Against Epilepsy and WCH, was held in the form of the online self-learning courses combined with online case discussions from Aug. 22 to Sept. 8, 2022. Vice President Chen Lei joined this event.

This Course specially invited more than ten top epilepsy experts at home and abroad, including Helen Cross, chairman of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and professor of the University of London, Akio Ikeda, chairman of the ILAE Asia and Oceania Affairs Committee& professor of Kyoto University, Elinor Ben-Manechem, chairman of the ILAE Treatment Guidelines Committee and professor of University of Gothenburg, Sweden, to deliver special speeches on hotspots and difficultieson diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of epilepsy. It also attracted 116 young epilepsy experts from Yemen, Nepal, India and all over China.